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The Flashlight Guys At OFB Tactical are proud to bring you high quality, affordable flashlights. OFB Tactical's line of super bright LED Flashlights have the power to cut through the darkest of nights, with both fixed beam and zoomable spot to flood models.


Precision optical lenses offer a straight line projected spot beam, illuminating objects hundreds of yards away.


OFB Tactical's LED flashlights feature industry leading CREE® High Power LED emitters driven by high quality modern control circuit boards, utilizing precision tuned booster circuits to increase brightness.


OFB Tactical's flashlights are constructed of solid T6061 aluminum and milled on high precision laser-guided CNC machines. We personally test our flashlights in real world scenarios, and welcome feedback from our customers who put our lights to work. There's no hidden agenda here.


Finding the right light for your particular demand can be time consuming and confusing. The staff at OFB Tactical are more than willing to discuss your needs, and our personal experience and knowledge of our products will help streamline the decision process.


When you find the perfect light or lights for your application, complete our stress free order process, and your items are shipped quickly from our warehouse located in the Midwest, USA. For our local customers, check the "upcoming shows" section of our website for information about where we'll be, and feel free to come by and test drive our products in person!


OFB Tactical is a one stop shop for all your flashlight needs. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction from beginning to end, and we value the contacts and conversations along the way. OFB Tactical puts a handshake and a face with your purchase, and rest assured we won’t let you down. 




OFB Tactical LLC is based in Kansas City, MO and it’s owners are outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy dealing in quality products at affordable prices. Not only do we use the products we sell, our family and friends do as well. Our flashlights are used by hunters, fishermen, police officers, EMTs, campers and more. We encourage our customers to keep us informed about product performance, as it allows us to keep up to date with the performance of our line of flashlights and accessories. Feedback from hands on, real world experience is what keeps us ahead of the others by allowing us to provide knowledgeable and accurate information to help you decide which model is the best for you.




The staff at OFB Tactical