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Our LED flashlights can generate extremely bright light. Do not look directly at the LED while it's on, or shine into the eyes of other people or animals. Permanent eye damage can result.

Special precautions should be taken when storing, charging, or discharging your batteries:

  • You must fully charge your batteries prior to first use. Charge batteries until green light on charger is illuminated. (Approximately 4 hours)
  • DO NOT overcharge the batteries- Only use chargers specifically designed to charge 3.7v Li-Ion batteries.
  • Use a charger that incorporates automatic cut off circuitry that will stop charging the batteries when they reach a full charge 
  • Batteries can vent electrolyte or explode if overcharged. Charge only in well ventilated areas
  • NEVER reverse polarity (insert batteries backwards). OBSERVE POLARITY MARKINGS ON CHARGER AND BATTERIES
  • Do not leave batteries charging unattended
  • Never allow batteries to overheat
  • Do not store batteries fully charged for more than 90 days. If you have to store your batteries for long periods of time without use, drain them first by using them in your flashlight for approximately 5 minutes before storage. Failure to do this can result in battery failure during long-term storage.
  • Do not over discharge your batteries. Over discharging your batteries will significantly reduce the number of recharge cycles you get out of them. If your batteries do not contain automatic low voltage disconnect and the flashlight starts to dim, recharge your batteries right away to ensure maximum lifetime of the cells.
  • Do not submerge batteries in water or expose to wet conditions
  • Do not dissassemble batteries
  • Keep batteries away from children

Following the above simple guidelines, your batteries will last you for hundreds of safe charge/discharge cycles. 

* Use of our products is strictly at your own risk. OFB Tactical LLC is not liable for any losses and/or damages in connection with the use of our products. 

Due to availability, batteries recieved may differ from those pictured in respect to brand, color, and/or capacity.