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Think about it.....

A flat tire - Running out of fuel - A power outage due to a storm - Any number of things can happen at night. 
You reach for your flashlight, only to find your batteries are dead or just as bad, it’s not even there……
Unfortunately, most people underestimate the importance of owning a great flashlight for their home, car or boat.

Ask anyone who depends on light to do their job:  Police Officer, Firefighter, Soldier, Marine, Sailor, etc. and they'll tell you why it’s critical for them to have a flashlight at their disposal at all times, and how not just any flashlight will do.  Antiquated halogen flashlights that use big heavy C or D cell batteries are a thing of the past. They're heavy, dim, and not durable enough to trust when it really matters.

There is hope! 

Many recent advancements in lighting technology have taken flashlights to the next level. Compact LEDs have made smaller flashlights possible, putting out more light using a fraction of the energy of their old-fashioned halogen counterparts.
Before you run out to a big box store to buy the first LED flashlight you see, take a look at OFB Tactical’s line of quality, durable, dependable LED flashlights. Aluminum construction, water resistant, low current draw, long LED life, and affordable prices all make OFB Tactical’s selection of flashlights your best choice for your illumination needs. 

With models ranging in size from single AA battery to rechargeable single and multi-cell 18650, there is sure to be a match for whatever suits your preference: whether it’s everyday use or just having a flashlight on standby for emergencies or inconveniences.

​Everyday carry, home, hunting vest/belt/rig, tackle box, tool box, glove compartment, boat dry box, first aid kits, bug out/get home/INCH bags, recreational vehicles, travel trailers, camping, search and rescue, etc.
Fulfill your lighting requirements with OFB Tactical’s full line of quality, affordable flashlights today!